Conxillium is made up of eight Dutch companies that have chosen to specialise in high-quality software for local government. Outside of The Netherlands Conxillium is providing its services to a growing number of customers through its partners.


BeheerVisie enables Dutch councils to give a quick and well-organised response to reports and complaints concerning public spaces. Its MeldDesk software makes BeheerVisie a market leader in efficient citizen complaints management. >

DataQuint develops and supplies solutions enabling councils, contractors, inspectors and consultants to register and analyse information about public spaces. In addition, DataQuint advises on data exchange, setting up inspections and the use of GIS-data in the field. >

GeoTax provides high-quality, flexible software solutions for reliable BAG (Dutch register of addresses and buildings) administration, WOZ (rateable value) estimation and the complete council tax system. These solutions enable local councils to upgrade the efficiency and quality of their processes. >

I-Real connects people, installations and sensors with intelligent software for integral and efficient management. I-Real stands for Interactive Reality. I-Real’s efficient management enables those responsible for public spaces to carry out their operations in a smarter, more durable and more cost-effective way. >

JCC provides high-quality software which enables customer-focused organisations to make fundamental improvements to their customer service. From appointments and personnel planning to customer guiding, communication via display screens and payment systems. JCC supplies local councils and healthcare facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium. >

Pharox IT is a full-service ICT service provider that helps clients to optimise workspace IT. >

Pharox Assurance supplies risk management software for clients in the (petro) chemical industry and the oil and gas sectors. >

Procura has been making life easier for (local) government for more than 40 years. Doing so by providing clever software solutions for reliable public records management, a comprehensive package of solutions for organising elections, and a first-rate portfolio of marriage certificates and other official documents and forms. >

SIM facilitates online contact with government and council departments for millions of Dutch people each and every day. Whether it is a personal internet portal, the website, social intranet or another digital solution; it is SIM’s ambition to use their passion and years of experience to achieve the best online service possible for all (local) government organisations. >