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mDesk streamlines public space feedback

mDesk is an information system for registering and handling citizen reports regarding public space. mDesk enables you to reduce processing time, improve customer service and prevent (expensive) mistakes.

One system for the whole process

For the processing of reports and complaints regarding public space mDesk provides a single environment for complete report management. The system can be used by the public as well as council employees in the office and on-site, through apps and integrated social media. Information only needs to be entered once and reports and complaints can then be processed digitally.


  • supports the intake, classification, routing, monitoring and final processing of reports and complaints through a variety of channels. In addition, it allows you to select which information can be accessed by different individuals.
  • registers all reports related to public property, building management, recycling, street lighting, sewers, litter and rubbish processing, lost and found, municipal green spaces etc.
  • is also suitable for handling other types of reports and complaints, including customer service complaints.
  • gives information through dashboards, graphics and assessments, allowing management to take the necessary action. It gives an overview of common complaints and reports, incident hotspots, which departments receive the most reports and how many are received via the internet.

Modular flexibility

mDesk is extremely flexible to set up, allowing it to be seamlessly adapted to your organisation, protocols, processes and systems. You only install the modules you need.

See the 90 second explanation animation about mDesk

More information

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