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About Conxillium

Conxillium fully understands the ins and outs of the workings of local government. Our companies maintain a conscious focus on designing the most user-friendly and well thought-out software in their specific field. Whether that is managing public spaces, public records, taxation, elections or optimal customer flow management.

This sharp focus ensures we remain connected to the consumer and their requirements. The lines of communication are short, the people and organisations are flexible. Just like our solutions. Conxillium consistently uses open standards and interfaces with third party information systems, so our solutions can fit seamlessly into any existing IT landscape. This also means local councils are not dependant on a single supplier.

Our specialists also understand the connection between their own solutions and other work processes and systems within the council organisation. After years of experience and cooperation with all Dutch local councils they know what works and what doesn’t, and they can help clients to benefit from benchmarks and the experiences of comparable organisations.

Our vision

Local governments have a growing number of tasks, whilst also catering to increasing budget pressures and demand for transparent accountability. Their performance is constantly put under the microscope (also on social media). At the same time the public would like their voice to be heard more and to have more direct influence. Conxillium helps local authorities to perform optimally within that framework.

Our solutions enable local government to:

Act decisively and resolutely

due to an improved overview and better communication with the public and between council departments.

Extensively digitalise their services

enabling the public to arrange as many things as possible themselves and to view their local council as a reliable and service-oriented partner.

Spend council funds effectively and transparently

by implementing efficient work processes.

Give the public more understanding and influence:

from report and complaints procedures to organising elections and local referendums.

How we work

All the Conxillium businesses adhere to the same philosophy:

  • We focus on providing the most user-friendly, well thought-out software in our subject area. 
  • Our staff have thorough working knowledge of your work processes. We are therefore in close contact with the end user.
  • We consistently use open standards and interfaces, so our solutions can fit seamlessly into any existing IT landscape and companies are not dependant on a single supplier.
  • We stand out in our use of short communication lines, supplier-independent solutions, and high flexibility in our people and our solutions.